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Our vision

Your business won’t face the same risks in the future, as when you are just started out. Yet keeping your insurance updated is probably just one of a long list of things on your to-do list. At Anansi, we are building new dynamic insurance products for new businesses that provide flexible protection as your company’s needs change over time.

Buying insurance for fast-growing companies can be costly and time-consuming
We want to work with you to actively monitor risks all year-round and work with you to provide clear, cost-effective protection
Identifying new companies and providing fast, automated & transparent coverage recommendations
By launching simple, automated dynamic insurance products for businesses from conception through high growth
Delphi Newco for Insurers

Hundreds of companies are being registered every day in Switzerland and they have a six week window before needing to have bought initial insurance coverage. Our first product helps your insurance field agents and independent brokers easily keep on top of these new developments. We provide prioritised, filtered leads together with background context on these new companies, so your agents can focus on building a better relationship with prospective customers and make more sales.

Anansi, the Spirit of Knowledge, is a popular African folklore hero. The word Ananse is Akan and means “spider”. Spider’s webs form part of their external cognitive system and reflect the dynamic knowledge graph of company data which underpins our services.